Location Comparison

How the four locations compare

The Council’s November 2017 New Settlement Background Paper can be found using this link: https://localdemocracy.harrogate.gov.uk/ViewSelectedDocument.asp?DocumentID=40465

We previously conducted our own comparative assessment of the four competing locations for the new settlement, based on best practice. In our assessment Maltkiln Village emerged as the most suitable and sustainable location and the following table summarises how key aspects of each location compare. While the Council’s new approach will move beyond this comparison stage, it will still be important to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each location in advance of the Planning Inspector examination of the proposed Local Plan.

Maltkiln Deighton Grange Green Hammerton Flaxby
Can the site provide the Council’s new settlement size of 3,000 new homes
Does the site protect the identity of existing settlements
Is the site under the full control of its developer
Is the site suitably located to meet the housing needs of the Harrogate Borough area
Is the site able to be designed entirely in accordance with new settlement principles
Does the site provide opportunities for new and existing local employment
Does the site include new community facilities that avoid relying on existing services
Is the site free from major technical constraints
Is the site able to expand further to meet additional housing needs
Does the site have ready access to rail services
Is the site free of major heritage constraints
Is the site free of major landscape constraints

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