Why Maltkiln?

What is Maltkiln Village?

Our vision for Maltkiln Village is for a new community centred around the existing railway station at Cattal and based on Garden Village principles – setting new buildings in extensive landscaping. It would deliver at least 3,000 new homes of a variety of sizes (from 1 to 5 bedrooms), a variety of types (houses, bungalows and apartments) and a variety of tenures (rent, shared ownership and open market sale). This would include homes specifically designed and managed for older people, as well as serviced individual plots for people who wish to build their own homes.

Maltkiln would have its own community facilities – a new primary school, local shops, a doctors’ surgery and multi-purpose rooms for community uses, as well as buildings of different sizes suitable for local businesses and employers. Oakgate have been working closely with Johnson’s of Whixley, who would like to expand and modernise their business by relocating locally. This would protect the long term future of the nursery and keep jobs in the local area.

At this stage in the planning process, the emphasis is on the location of the new settlement rather than its design. As the proposed Local Plan and DPD progress, we would want to work with local residents and businesses to evolve the design ahead of any planning application.

It would be premature to prepare detailed designs without support for our location and further local consultation, so please be aware that the images shown on this website are included as examples of the quality of new housing that a new settlement could provide – they are not definite proposals for Maltkiln Village as every development should be designed specifically for its location.

Key advantages of Maltkiln Village

Our proposal has many advantages over the other three locations:

  • Maltkiln is centred on an existing Railway Station which would be the focus of rail service improvements, including the immediate provision of a new car park for the station
  • Maltkiln is located away from existing villages and can be expanded further without encroaching on existing villages
  • Maltkiln would enable the dangerous Whixley crossroads junction to be replaced with a safe new roundabout
  • Maltkiln would replace the level crossing at Cattal Station with new road and pedestrian bridges – providing safe access over the railway line and removing current delays to train services and road traffic
  • Maltkiln is the only site that is backed by a local property and construction group that has the experience and resources to plan, fund and build the infrastructure and community facilities necessary for a new settlement
  • Maltkiln can provide all of the additional and improved road, railway and utilities infrastructure required, and our direct and early provision of new community facilities, while still meeting all of the Council’s affordable housing requirements
  • Maltkiln offers a genuine opportunity for local involvement in the actual design of the new settlement to create a distinct new village that appeals to all ages
  • Maltkiln is able to deliver the largest proportion of the Council’s overall housing demand, maximising the benefits of infrastructure investment and offering the opportunity to meet housing needs in future plan periods
  • Maltkiln carries our commitment to deliver infrastructure improvements and new community facilities – including a new primary school – as part of the first phase
  • Maltkiln has the fewest technical constraints and has the lowest heritage, landscape, ecology, transport, noise or environmental impacts
  • Maltkiln would provide a genuine diversity of housing types, sizes and tenures, suitable for all stages of life and circumstances, including starter homes, family homes and homes for later life
  • Maltkiln would offer a variety of workspaces specifically designed for small businesses, supporting local economic growth

Community consultation and the evolving masterplan

If the recommendations of Harrogate Borough Council’s planning officers are approved by Councillors at their November and December meetings, then the Council’s preferred location for the new settlement will be confirmed as within the combined land area of our Maltkiln Village proposals and CEG’s Green Hammerton proposals.

In the early stages of the DPD process than work would continue on how a new settlement within the combined land area should address the various constraints – such as heritage, landscape, ecology, transport, noise or environmental impacts – and how it could be developed most efficiently. We would expect to produce further masterplans at this early stage in order to demonstrate the development potential of the combined site and inform an assessment of the infrastructure requirements, including the timing of delivery for new road junctions, railway works, the new school and community facilities.

The previous masterplan for Maltkiln Village is shown below. This was part of our previous submissions to the Council and we displayed this when we attended two separate public meetings arranged firstly by Green Hammerton Parish Council on 18th April 2017 and secondly by Hunsingore, Walshford and Cattal Parish Council on 8th May 2017.

We have done further work on our masterplan since then, based on the feedback from those public meetings, from separate meetings with the individual local residents who are closest to the site and from meetings with the Borough Council, County Council and Network Rail. The changes we have investigated include repositioning the new A59 roundabout (which replaces the existing Whixley crossroads), replanning the layout of the new primary school, community facilities and employment space so that these are grouped more closely around Cattal railway station and rerouting the internal roads south of the railway line to reduce the potential for southbound traffic through Cattal.

We do intend to involve local people and employers in the design process, either as part of the DPD process or as part of our own pre planning application consultation work. This will be done at an appropriate time in the progress of the proposed Local Plan and the DPD, most likely during the Spring or Summer of 2018, and we will share our further masterplanning work either prior to, or during, these future consultations with local people and employers.

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