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Maltkiln will be developed to a high standard of sustainability to future proof the new settlement for generations to come and to allow its residents to lead active and healthy lives.

Energy and the climate emergency

Maltkiln will provide residents with cost efficient, sustainable heating and power sources using an innovative energy management system. This system will comprise air and ground source heat pumps, solar panels and back up boilers.

Energy centres will identify and use the most effective source according to customer demand, with surplus energy being fed back to the grid.

The new homes at Maltkin will be designed to very high environmental standards, addressing the climate emergency by reducing carbon use in both the initial construction phase and the subsequent lifespan of the homes and other buildings.


The site’s biodiversity will be enhanced by additional planting of native tree, hedge and shrub species whilst implementing safeguarding measures for the conservation of species such as bats, swifts and hedgehogs.

Designated ecological enhancement areas will be set up, whereby the protection and enhancement of wildlife corridors will be implemented.


Access to key viewpoints will be improved for nearby communities as well as new residents in the settlement. This will be done with careful sensitivity to the boundaries of neighbouring villages, maintaining rural settings and respecting existing conservation areas.

Large areas of open space will accompany the new settlement which will ensure increased opportunities for public access and leisure facilities being within easy reach of existing villages and people living in the settlement.

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